Best of Both Worlds

There’s nothing better than having all the interior amenities outdoors and this project includes the best of both worlds. With a living room, dining room, and kitchen all outside, this space is ideal for both relaxing and entertaining in every season. The open patio is perfect for lounging in the summer sunshine, while the covered porch and fireplace are ideal for a cozy autumn evening.

The details give each area its own personality, all while tying the entire space together. The fireplace in the living area, the chandelier hanging over the dining table, and the fire feature on the kitchen bar provide light and warmth throughout the covered porch in the same way the sunshine does on the open patio. The different patterns of the floor, herringbone on the patio and checkerboard on the porch, distinguish one area from another, but come together to bring a classic feel to the collective space. There is no doubt that this space is set to provide the best of both worlds for year-round enjoyment.