Frequently Asked Questions

Is my project big enough for an interior designer?

A project that involves creating or improving a space in any way is an aspect of design. We tend to lend ourselves to working on projects that start with a plan assessment and follow through to the last accessory placed in the space. All components of the design are important to the function and aesthetics of a space.

How does the interior design process work?

At L. Ruth Interior Design, we start by asking a lot of questions and listening to your needs and wants. We discuss budgeting with you to help breakdown those needs and wants into what becomes a “must” for the project. Then we work with clients to acquire the proper layouts and finishes for the space. Next, as we are not contractors, we do work with contractors to ensure that the plan is being executed to expectation. Finally, we work with clients through the completion of the project to make sure they get the look and functionality they have desired.

How are the costs for services determined?

We bill by the hour. Some projects require a fixed cost which we completely understand. We will assess the needs of the project based on the information given to us and formulate a fair cost based on the time we assume to be needed. However, we prefer to bill hourly as it is most fair for both parties.

To what extent are your clients typically involved in the process?

Our clients can be as involved as they would like. Projects tend to move a little easier when we put together a design for our clients and present to them based on the needs we noted in the initial meeting for the project. Any substitutions can be made off of that original design. However, we do work with clients to make decisions from flooring selections to lighting selections and going to the necessary places with them so that they may see and select products. This can be overwhelming for some customers so enlisting design services produces the opportunity for the designer to develop creative concepts and select something interesting for your space, as well as narrow down multiple options, making the load of decisions easier to bear.

Do you work with contractors and other related professionals?

We work with contractors and subcontractors everyday for our clients. This helps to confirm all concepts are executed correctly from the plan to the build out. We also work together to handle any changes that may need to occur during the process. Allowing the designer to make these decisions will ensure the best end result.

How long does the interior design process take?

Every project is completely different, from the client and their needs to the designer and the contractor, so it depends. This assessment is best made after looking at the plan for the space and meeting with the contractor about scheduling. For smaller projects, like the updating of a space, again, it is a case by case scenario.

How are purchases for the project handled?

Typically we handle the purchasing of products and expect full reimbursement. Deposits are required as well. When we order products, it helps us control scheduling. However, we do have some clients who will order some things themselves. We always want to make sure we know what is expected of us and strive to exceed those expectations. So, as a client, that would be something that would need to be made clear in the first meeting if you feel you would want to do all of your purchasing.