Home Sweet Home

Where do you begin to tell a story of clients who come to you after you have worked with her parents and now get to build a one-of-a-kind home with them?

Let’s start with small details and the master bathroom. They truly wanted something spectacular for a master bathroom. After coming to me with a tunnel plan, we approached the builders with an idea to extend the west wing of the home by 18″. They got so much more than they bargained for with that addition including, but not limited to, a slightly more spacious master bedroom and a more balanced master bathroom. The plan I suggested with the approval of the additional square footage was accepted by the clients and builder and was executed beautifully by their craftsmen.

We were able to incorporate special decorative items like the green stained-glass window, which was a piece of history and happened to be off of the church where the couple was married. Artwork and prints throughout are dedicated to the in-house young resident artist, prints from vacations, and photography related to the husband’s line of work.

We are so proud of a space that truly tells the story of the wonderful clients who live here. This was a process most enjoyed, and we know that this family is enjoying living in the space we created for them!