Lure Seafood and Grille is a project that will never date. Who doesn’t love a place with an ever-changing menu of amazing food and drinks? May we add that the ambiance was created to enhance the flavor of the food and set an amazing backdrop for the company of its patrons? Proud of its Owensboro roots, Lure was designed to represent all the different personalities of the great people of Owensboro. Rustic, Urban, Industrial, Chic: a mouthful of words that cannot be separated when describing this place. Artwork displayed by local artist Joseph Schell. A barn wood backdrop for the dramatic bar was designed and constructed from a barn of the surrounding countryside. Hand blown glass bubbles are draped between two curved walls to create the king of all chef’s tables. The multitude of lights is interpreted differently among the patrons… bubbles, constellations, fishing bobs; all of which are great descriptions of the soft, abstract “water” themed seafood restaurant. A tubular staircase with barn wood treads leads you to my favorite space, which I have nicknamed “the perch”. Others call it the “upper deck” and still others “the terrace.” Whatever you may call it, it gives you another perspective of the space and some privacy if so desired. Seating placements were strategic in that there are every type of location seating: bar, lounge, chef’s table, business, etc.

We all live in the same world, why shouldn’t a restaurant feel the same way? This is a place where you can come in jeans or a prom dress and the “down to earth elegance” atmosphere promises visitors of Owensboro an honest assessment of its people: diverse, yet when brought together harmonious.